Thursday, August 13, 2009

My TV Commercial -2



This TV Commercial is a promotional one for Shriram Chits I did last year.

This was shot in a fine arts school. The Kolu setup was supported with some more material from our art director. The models all are professional dancers and singers along with the teachers. One of the girl appearing in this commercial is a bharthanatyam teacher, who later become an outstanding performer in a reality dance show.

This commercial was a super hit and the client was very happy with the impact that made with their clients and prospective during the telecast season.

As a director, I was strictly controlled by the budget criteria, still my team members helped me to make it possible and interesting.


இராகவன் நைஜிரியா said...

It is really a very nice ad. I love it.

With the controlled budget you did well. Hats off to you

Sadagopal Muralidharan said...

Very nice ad. Keep it up.