Monday, August 17, 2009

The Designer Bathrooms Photo Shoot


This was very much intersting photo shoot, I did in 7 different sets erected at Movie Studio. The team had 10 days gala from properties purchase, production, lighting design and up to the final version and album creation.

The popular Art Director Mr. Ramachandra Singh was handling the sets, the one known for extreme cooperation par with his creativity.

The camera used was p25 with different block lenses and the filters.

I lit the set with almost 16 different flash lights in soft boxes, umbrellas and of course i had my own tailor made methods in lighting. I lit the set floor with 6 lights hanging from the top, and as per the Cine Union regulations the professional light men and other technicians were employed for a week’s time.

This was planned for the print Advts, Hoardings and Corporate Communications for the international brand “Parryware Roco”

I must thank the Agency “Blueprint 360`” for choosing me to this assignment and allowed all my creative ideas to be implemented.

I remember that days our team was receiving the products in to the studio a day in advance, we did exclusive security arrangements along with the studio securities. It took 2 days for set erection. The experts from the brand “Parryware Roco” was with us throughout the shooting days.

I was assisted in set sequences by Mr. Mohan, who will be directing his first feature film in 2010 and now he is associating the success Director Mr. Amir in Tamil Movie Projects.

The other man who assisted me in coordinating the products sequence was Mr. Lenin, who is a part of the ultimate successful Tamil movie “Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu”.

The Production management was the toughest area, responsible for everyone’s comfort including me. I love to remember my Production Manager Mr. Gunashekar, the way he managed all the tough times with his usual smile and slang.


Sadagopal Muralidharan said...

It is heartening to note the hard work behind these photographs. I used to see the likewise ads and never gone through so detailed and minute. It is really fantastic and great.

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