Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nosalgia – Stills from Nikon FM10 Analogue

Almost all the below snaps I made are by a Nikon FM10 with 35-70 default lens and a Vivitar 70-210 Tele. I was using High Speed Films and mostly I was sticking to regular 100ASA. The idea was to have blow ups and to have at least one show for the public in a gallery.

I believe, it is still not late to exhibit these photos for the public and my seniors and fellow photographers to comment.

Again I want to try the films along with Digital gadgets.

sil1 minarr
This silhouette was made at Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This I made Sun in the backdrop. As had lots of hope on my camera and me to shoot against sun. I must say about the models in this pic, Mr. S. Muralidharan and Mr. A. Balachandran, were very much adoptive to my commands in spite of hot sun and rocks.
This is other side of Kuthupminar. The minar is not so interesting for a photographer because of its size. But the place is surrounded by this sort of structures, telling the story of a great life and demise.
Taj frm Fort Window fortt
This is Shajahan’s view from Agra Fort, where he was compelled to live till death by his son Aurangasip. The Doom of Taj is very clear from here, where the his love for Mumtaz is still filled with. This is the entrance of Agra Fort. I studied that most of the Mohul architects were brought from their country and they introduced this sort of attractive and secured Forts to rest of the country.
gobii scan0002
This is a water lane in Gobichettypalayam. I remember that I made this picture with an Electro35, the best Yashica product of those days for a beginner. I was waiting for this light from the dark early morning. I as an alien to my relatives there, the days photography was only a ritual in marriages This is a marble carving at Tajmahal. I just made this close up wondering about the crafts men worked these carvings in those olden days. What kind of production control might have been followed in those days? What was their working hours? How food and shelter for the workers by hierarchy was arranged? The beautiful flower looks alive saying the sweat and blood histories of Mohul dynasty and architecture

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Designer Bathrooms Photo Shoot


This was very much intersting photo shoot, I did in 7 different sets erected at Movie Studio. The team had 10 days gala from properties purchase, production, lighting design and up to the final version and album creation.

The popular Art Director Mr. Ramachandra Singh was handling the sets, the one known for extreme cooperation par with his creativity.

The camera used was p25 with different block lenses and the filters.

I lit the set with almost 16 different flash lights in soft boxes, umbrellas and of course i had my own tailor made methods in lighting. I lit the set floor with 6 lights hanging from the top, and as per the Cine Union regulations the professional light men and other technicians were employed for a week’s time.

This was planned for the print Advts, Hoardings and Corporate Communications for the international brand “Parryware Roco”

I must thank the Agency “Blueprint 360`” for choosing me to this assignment and allowed all my creative ideas to be implemented.

I remember that days our team was receiving the products in to the studio a day in advance, we did exclusive security arrangements along with the studio securities. It took 2 days for set erection. The experts from the brand “Parryware Roco” was with us throughout the shooting days.

I was assisted in set sequences by Mr. Mohan, who will be directing his first feature film in 2010 and now he is associating the success Director Mr. Amir in Tamil Movie Projects.

The other man who assisted me in coordinating the products sequence was Mr. Lenin, who is a part of the ultimate successful Tamil movie “Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu”.

The Production management was the toughest area, responsible for everyone’s comfort including me. I love to remember my Production Manager Mr. Gunashekar, the way he managed all the tough times with his usual smile and slang.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Candid Kids Photos in a South Indian Marriage

IMG_0677 IMG_0678 IMG_0565 IMG_0572 IMG_0579 IMG_0580 IMG_0597 IMG_0609 IMG_0620 IMG_0626 IMG_0627 IMG_0628 IMG_0638 IMG_0639 IMG_0642 IMG_0647 IMG_0649 IMG_0661 IMG_0666

Shot in a regular Nikon Digital Camera. The challenge was, whenever I try a candid shot, the camera takes sufficient time to calculate everything in front of before exposing. And thus few of the kids got an alert before clicking.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My TV Commercial -2



This TV Commercial is a promotional one for Shriram Chits I did last year.

This was shot in a fine arts school. The Kolu setup was supported with some more material from our art director. The models all are professional dancers and singers along with the teachers. One of the girl appearing in this commercial is a bharthanatyam teacher, who later become an outstanding performer in a reality dance show.

This commercial was a super hit and the client was very happy with the impact that made with their clients and prospective during the telecast season.

As a director, I was strictly controlled by the budget criteria, still my team members helped me to make it possible and interesting.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Commercial _ Dreamzone-1

This commercial I did for Dream Zone – School of Fashion with only Computer Graphics and 2d images.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jewel Photography

Silver Jewels
Photo Shoot

Since jewels are costly, filming or photographing is normally done in the jewelers place. But most of the times jewelers shop or stock points are not sufficient by space for a photo session or the place will be filled with lot of reflecting articles. Here I made the jeweler's men to stay with the jewels in a hotel suite for two days.

For this photo shoot I hired a suite at Madura Residency at Madurai, converted it as a studio by removing all the furniture and erecting a dais and tent to avoid reflections.

The shoot went on for two days with medium format p25 camera with block lenses and 7 different lights with soft box and umbrella. We used quitea number of light cutters and different size and shapes of soft tents.

I request your comments because this themes are made with the subjects purchased at Madurai streets on my personal interest. I used the dark velvet cloth to create something mere to an in flight mag advts. Similarly the Thali with other items were used to create a auspicious feel for the products. The telelenses were so help full in creating the macro shots.

Though this pics are made with higher end camera and lights, it is possible to create similar output with regular manual camera(SLR) with proper lighting and cutters. Perhaps these jewels need tents to avoid reflections, I am sure a similar magic is possible in available light, cutters and reflecting objects available in nearby stationary shop. All you need is patience and point of view.

Since this is a digital era, we are able to view the output immediately in the laptop monitor. But I feel that I miss the thrill I enjoyed on those analogue film days. As a photographer I used my visualizing and lighting skills more in films than in digital photography.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Iphone Camera

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