Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jewel Photography

Silver Jewels
Photo Shoot

Since jewels are costly, filming or photographing is normally done in the jewelers place. But most of the times jewelers shop or stock points are not sufficient by space for a photo session or the place will be filled with lot of reflecting articles. Here I made the jeweler's men to stay with the jewels in a hotel suite for two days.

For this photo shoot I hired a suite at Madura Residency at Madurai, converted it as a studio by removing all the furniture and erecting a dais and tent to avoid reflections.

The shoot went on for two days with medium format p25 camera with block lenses and 7 different lights with soft box and umbrella. We used quitea number of light cutters and different size and shapes of soft tents.

I request your comments because this themes are made with the subjects purchased at Madurai streets on my personal interest. I used the dark velvet cloth to create something mere to an in flight mag advts. Similarly the Thali with other items were used to create a auspicious feel for the products. The telelenses were so help full in creating the macro shots.

Though this pics are made with higher end camera and lights, it is possible to create similar output with regular manual camera(SLR) with proper lighting and cutters. Perhaps these jewels need tents to avoid reflections, I am sure a similar magic is possible in available light, cutters and reflecting objects available in nearby stationary shop. All you need is patience and point of view.

Since this is a digital era, we are able to view the output immediately in the laptop monitor. But I feel that I miss the thrill I enjoyed on those analogue film days. As a photographer I used my visualizing and lighting skills more in films than in digital photography.

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Sadagopal Muralidharan said...

It is very good photography which gives depth in the detail. Great work.